In response to the restructuring plan by Pruksa Real Estate Public Company Limited, Pruksa Holding had prepared a tender offer to acquire the shares of Pruksa Real Estate Public Company Limited. Through tender process, Pruka Holding shall exchange common stocks of identical category with Pruksa Real Estate Public Company Limited at the rate of 1:1.

  • Enlarge core residential real estate business by expanding to new income segments.
  • Build a synergized business related to real estate to strengthen brand and customer satisfactions.
  • Build the new businesses to provide stable recurring income.
  • Develop a sustainable and professional organization.

The holding structure would be able to help the Company to have sustainable growth:

  • To increase the flexibility for business expansion including the opportunity to find a joint-venture partners who specializes in that particular business.
  • To limit and manage the business risks of each business.
  • To enhance the efficiency and flexibility of management structure to suit your future business.
  • To be able to maintain the culture of each business.

The Company seeks for opportunities to invest in various ways; both in the form of a merger and acquisition include greenfield-investment in new business for recurring income.

Although many projects are in the process of feasibility study. However, we expect that in the next 7-10 years, new business revenue will account for 5-10% of total revenue.

Recurring income from new businesses might come from businesses that are relevant or unrelated to the property business, as well as businesses that can add value to the company while maintaining a good rate of return on equity for all shareholders.

Due to the size of market value in hospital business is quite large. There is also a gap in the prices and services of government and private hospitals. Therefore if the first hospital investment succeeds, there will be a lot of the potential to expand in the future.

Our target customers will be medium segment customers.

The company continues to study other businesses that can generate recurring revenue for the company around 5 - 10% of total revenue, to strengthen and reduce the fluctuation of income from real estate business.

The dividend policy of Pruksa Holding PCL is to consider annual dividend payment to its shareholders for twice a year in total rate of not below 50% of net profit of Pruksa Holding PCL’s consolidated financial statements after deduction of annual corporate income tax and legal capital reserve. The Company’s main objective is to invest primarily in other companies; dividend payment depends not only on the companies in which Pruksa Holding PCL invests, but also on the dividend payment policy of the subsidiaries and/or associated companies in which Pruksa Holding PCL invests. However, it shall depend on investment plan, condition and limitation prescribed in the relevant contracts (if any), necessity and appropriateness as well as other factors in the future as the Board of Directors deems appropriate so that it shall be in line with business growth plan of the Company. Moreover, such dividend payment shall not exceed retained earnings appeared in separate financial statements of the Company according to the relevant laws.